Siam Resorts Marketing co., Ltd. is the marketing division of the Siam Resorts Group in Thailand

Soon you will be able read all about the people in the Siam Resorts marketing team, the modest targets that the company has set for itself, general news and updates and how the Siam Resorts Marketing Co. Ltd assists the members of the Siam Resorts Group to increase their occupancy rates and improve their communications with the future guests and others.

The Siam Resorts Marketing Group is not an agency nor a tour operator, so unfortunately we will not be able to respond to requests for bookings in other hotels or resorts outside of the Siam Resorts group, nor will we be able to accept new resorts, hotels or guesthouses in Thailand that are not a member of our group of resorts. Accepting new members into the Siam Resorts Group can only be initiated trough a referral from one of our group member's owners or by one of our executives.

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Siam Resorts Marketing Co., Ltd.
68/96 Moo 4, Rama 2 Road, Samaedum, Bangkhuntian, 10150 Thailand
tel: +66(0)87-0265515 fax: +66(0)2417-1948